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Thoburn needs Sen. Allen's help
Fairfax Journal Letter to the Editor
Tuesday, April 24, 2001

I have been deeply concerned that John Thoburn is languishing in the Fairfax jail.

Actually, I don't know whether he was put in jail for planting a tree or for not planting one. It doesn't matter to me.

The fact remains that he is a tax-paying Virginian whose minor "crime" does not warrant jailing him with felons.

Halfway around the world we have Mrs. Gao, a Chinese national in her own country, serving time in jail for allegedly spying.

I have no idea what she did or did not do, as I consider her case to be strictly an internal affair of the Chinese, which is none of my business.

I am absolutely appalled that Sen. George Allen, R-Va., would be meddling in the China case when, as far as I know, he has taken no action to get Mr. Thoburn (one of his constituents) out of jail!

I worked hard to get George Allen elected governor. Perhaps it was because we share a common name that gave me such great faith in him.

I was an active member of Citizens On Sensible Taxation, and as such I stood on street corners working to elect Mr. Allen.

I was also a delegate for him to the Republican Convention in Richmond.

Well, I can assure him that I was not working to elect him to eventually represent the interest of the Chinese!

I have lived in the Washington area for 60 years, and I have been this angry at a Capitol Hill habitue only once before.

That was when the chaplain of the Senate went out on the floor and prayed for O.J. Simpson, never mentioning the victims.

As a footnote to history, I made a very undiplomatic telephone call to the reverend, and the next day he prayed for Ron and Nicole.

It is not too late for our senator to reconsider his priorities.


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